Modular set for removal glow plugs M8x1-M10x1

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This module is used to remove the glow plug once it has been unscrewed but is still stuck, or when it is damaged near the hexagon and cannot be unscrewed in order to remove it.

There are 2 ways to remove it in the second case: either using the slide hammer or mechanically, by means of the screw extractor.

For MERCEDES BENZ engines.


  • Extractors for stuck glow plugs
  • Special sockets and milling cutters for the breaking and subsequent controlled removal of the glow plug's central electrode
  • Sliding rod, extension and slide hammer to remove the stuck glow plug
  • Centering, screw, thread insert and nut for the mechanical screw extraction of the stuck glow plug
  • Special long milling cutters and steel milling cutters with 4 TiN-coated and self-centering cutting edges
  • Tap drill to create the thread to remove the glow plug
  • Tap drill to restore the thread on the head to install the new glow plug Thread insert to remove the plug using the slide hammer