Tool set for extraction the compact wheel hub/bearing unit Ø62-85 mm.

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This tool set is a PATENTED solution for removing and refitting
modern hubs with integrated bearing type HBU2 (a preassembled
unit combining hub and bearing, i.e. the Hub Bearing Unit).

This tool set can be used directly on the car, without having to
disassemble the king pin/hub/bearing unit from the car and
placing it on a press.

OPERATION DISASSEMBLY: it can work on bearings with an external diameter from Ø62 mm up to Ø85 mm.

Ø 62 Audi, VW
Ø 66 Skoda
Ø 68 Citroën, Renault
Ø 72 Audi, Seat
Ø 75 Mitsubishi, Smart
Ø 78 Ford, Volvo
Ø 82 Ford, Volvo
Ø 85 4x4, SUV