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GOVONI srl, for over twenty years and even more today, has been increasingly engaged on international markets, constantly in competition with the most qualified and structured European companies in the Automotive sector. Consequently, the qualitative aspects are fundamental for the success.
For this purpose GOVONI srl POLITICS is based on the following points:
  • Supply products and services, which meet all national and international standards, technical specifications and customer's requirements in terms of performance, quality, reliability and safety.
  • Constant and continuous planning and design of innovative products, useful for the market, therefore defined as successful by the end-users, who will use these products, giving to our business partners effective tools to build with us a solid and well-established future.
  • Maintain and improve the company image towards all customers and Stakeholders minimising, at the same time, quality costs.
  • Manage its activities in full compliance with the laws in force, operating in such a way to promote health and safety of employees and persons directly and/or indirectly involved in the task.
  • An effective and efficient quality management system, which meets the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001.
  • Prevention of defects and continuous improvement of quality to obtain the Quality each time "the First Time".
  • Significant knowledge, experience and awareness of the product in the company.
  • Full knowledge and involvement of all staff according to the targets of improvement and development established by the Management of GOVONI srl.
  • Ensure that all employees operate in a secure way, in full compliance with applicable laws and company standards, assessing the risks and preventing accidents.
  • Promote the cultural growth of the personnel for an individual contribution to the continuous improvement in terms of quality and safety.
  • Consider our Suppliers as partners , rather than simple providers of work and materials, to share with them (instead of imposing) our needs and expectations, or better the expectations of our Customers, as these are the targets in our enlarged team.