This kit allows the easy dismounting, removal and replacement of all self-adjusting clutches SAC (SAC = Self-Adjusting- Clutch).

The kit includes a centring tool specific for SAC models with the diameter of the crankshaft bore (driving bearing seat) bigger than the diameter of the clutch hub and without the driving bearing.

It is equipped with 2 plates: 3-arms and 4-arms (specific for MB), for clutches with 6 or 8 locking holes. During assembling and disassembling operations the pre-tightening of the pressure plate is required in order to avoid clutch deformations.

Clutch disk centring accordingly to the driving bearing or to the pressure plate. - Adjusting ring resetting using the pre-tightening tool together with the adjusting tool.


  • Longer life clutch¬†
  • Reduction of vibrations¬†
  • Faster working time
  • For engines with manual-shift gear box


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