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• Tool kit for maintenance intervention on the drive shaft. Especially for vehicles with high fitting accuracy of the wedge taper profile of the drive shaft in relation to the wheel hub wedge taper profile.

• 10 tension sleeves and 2 tension bolts ensure maximum coverage of markets and models! For nut-secured (commonly used) and bolt-secured (e. g. VW/Audi) drive shafts.

• The slide hammer can be used to remove the outer drive shaft joints even when installed. Particularly important in the act of replacing the original rubber or thermoplastic sleeves.

• In order to complete the set, a 3-piece special pliers set, for the special circlips without eyelet, is included.


1. Pulling drive shafts into the wheel hub

2. Pulling the wheel hub after changing the wheel bearings

3. Separating the outer drive shaft joint

4. Assembling the outer drive shaft joint

5. Disassembling and assembling the circlips on drive shafts


1 x connection adapter M12x1,25 / M16x1,5

1 x traction mandrel 

1 x support 1-1/2”x16G, to use with wheel hub traction system 

1 x support socket with thrust bearing

1 x tie-rod nut M16

1 x sliding hammer set 1,4 kg, 3 pieces (hammer / sliding rod / adapter M18x1,5 – M12 x1,75)

1 x pusher with observation window ext. Ø38 mm, L= 80 mm

1 x pusher with observation window ext. Ø48 mm, L= 100 mm

1 x security pliers set for drive shaft, 3 pieces

2 x tie-rod for drive shaft internal threading M14x1,5 / M16x1,5

2 x hammer adapter for extracting drive shaft joints

10 x pushers for drive shaft external threading, M16x1,5 / M18x1,5 / M20x1,0 / M20x1,25 / M20x1,5 / M22 x1,0 / M22x1,5 / M24x1,5 / M27x1,5 / M30x1,5


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