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Universal pneumatic spring compressor, its range covers all kind of vehicle equipped with Mc-Pherson shock absorbers: armoured vehicles, commercial vehicles, SUVs, ambulances, etc.

the Machine  is equipped with active and passive security system: pneumatic cylinder, foot pedal, safety cage, shock absorber drops guard and pedestal to ensure maximum safety for the user.

Active and passive security system:

+ Super reinforced protection FULL-BODY

+ Super reinforced protection cage

+ Synchronized opening of both door with just one hand

+ Total protection with high resistance polycarbonate locking system

+ The user can work safely, avoiding operating with his hands on the spring during the compression phases.

4 Security valves:

+ 2 security locking valves on the cylinder

+ 1 security valve control protection 

+ 1 security valve pneumatic system

New spring compression system:

Spring compression universal bracket

+ Suitable for all kind of spring diameters on the market

+ Capable of working on rightward helical spring 

+ Capable of working on leftward helical spring 

+ The shock absorber can be blocked on the hydraulic part (bracket


Universal system: spring diameter from Ø 78 mm to 205 mm.

Bracket locking system: hydraulic stem up to Ø 75 mm.

Spring regulation angle: 0°, (+/-)8°

Upper floating clamps:

Regulation angle: 0°, (+/-)15

These floating clamps allow a better grip on the spring, dynamically 

adapting during the different compression phases.

Wide movement stroke from 20 mm up to 380 mm

Stem support:

Adjustable in height

180° adjustable

Load capacity up to 30 kg 


CE approval for the unit documents the unit's conformity with 2006/42/EC (machinery directive)

Working pressure max. 8 bar

Cylinder stroke: 380 mm


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