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- Professional injector seat cleaner set for diesel engines.

- Removes successfully the carbon deposits granting a smooth and uniform finish.

- A correctly performed cleaning helps to avoid return losses due to a non-optimal assembly of the injectors.


4 x brush in brass Ø 18-19-21-24 mm 

4 x brush in nylon Ø 18-19-21-24 mm 

1 x flexible extension L=230 mm 

4 x nozzle sealing cap

10 x cotton swab L = 250mm

2 x brush in brass c – L=315mm

3 x abrasive brush

1 x injector sealing cap

2 x brush for sealing seat Ø 15-20 mm

1 x 3 mm hex key for mounting cutters

1 x cutter drive tool

1 x cutter for cleaning the injector tip

3 x drill centering cone Ø20.5-17.8mm, Ø22-16.8mm, Ø24.5-18.8mm

1 x anti-seize paste 100gr

1 x seal washer extractor Ø 7 mm

1 x pivot for impact weight L = 115 mm

1 x slide hammer 1,5 Kg

 4 x injector sealing seat cleaning cutter


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