The compression frame is used to disassemble and assemble silent bearings, sockets and bushings in passenger cars, SUVs and vans.
The range of tools specially designed for this use provides the user with a very high level of flexibility in machining the most varied types of bushings, installation positions and sizes. Consequently, tight bushings (adherent), open and closed bushings or even particularly long bushings can be handled without any problems.

Thanks to this frame's slender but also especially solid shape, the job can be done, depending on where access is, directly on the car or before assembly.

Even with regard to the drive, the user has several options: he/she either uses the mechanical spindle provided in the supply or adapts the equipment to one of the 2 hydraulic variants available. (16-ton Mechadraulic screw, 12-ton Hydraulic cylinder). With the help of the available supports, the kit adapts very well when used in conjunction with our universal GO140 traction and compression system.


Frame technical data:

  • Total height: 290/415 mm
  • Total width: 170 mm
  • Opening range: 113 mm
  • Working height: 210/335 mm
  • Thread-connection: TR27 / 1-1/2"x16G / 2-3/4"x16G (upper crosshead) TR20 (lower crosshead)

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