Pneumatic spring compressor for passengers cars, SUV and commercial vehicles.
Auto Leveling System:
the two auto leveling upper arms simplify working on conical and misaligned springs.
Aluminium technology:
the cylinder is made in light alloy and nylon resin with fiberglass avoiding the corrosion and the oxidation of the parts of the machine.
Brackets system:
the frontal and lateral clamps’ holders grant quick mounting and dismounting replacement both of the clamps and of the vice.
Tools Rack:
the machine is equipped with a practical and steady tools rack.
Bracket supporting plate with double positioning to increase the range of removable absorbers
Steel knob for the protection cage.
Pneumatic cylinder with safety locking valves
Foot-pedal and safety guard with safety valves:
the foot-pedal works only when the safety valve is closed; if it is open the foot-pedal is blocked. Consequently the machine can be disconnected without dangers granting the maximum safety. If the safety guard remains open, the machine is equipped with a safety valve that does not allow working operations.
Metal handles to fix the side arms.
Protection system (dust cover) to safeguard the cylinder


Standard equipment

  • Basic unit, 2.452 Kg        
  • Vice clamping jaw for absorber tube, Ø 40-60 mm      



Technical data

  • CE approved machine in compliance with 2006/42/CE (Machine Directive)
  • Working pressure: max 8 bar
  • Cylinder stroke: 330 mm


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