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- Universal range for the professional assembly of clutches.
- Suitable for vehicles with and without pilot / pilot bearing and with front, rear and four wheel drive.
- There are two options for centering:
1) Vehicles with pilot bearing: centering of the drive plate with the clutch unit in the removed state - subsequent assembly of the unit to the vehicle's flywheel;
2) Vehicles without pilot bearing: centering the drive plate with the pilot bearing on the vehicle. (mainly vehicles with front drive and transverse engine).
- Unique range with the greatest possible manufacturer and model coverage!

Passenger Cars - SUV - Offroader - Transporter - Light Commercial Vehicles
1 x item for Short mounting spindle, 55mm
1 x item for Medium mounting spindle, 150mm
1 x item for Long mounting spindle, 200mm
2 x items for Expander support Ø15.0 – 19.0mm / Ø19.5 – 26.0mm
1 x item for Double cone for clutch disc hub 19-28 / 21-30mm
1 x item for Double cone for clutch disc hub 26-31 / 28-35mm
1 x item for Double cone pressure plate for disc spring 29-50.5 / 49-69mm
10 x items for Pilot Bearing Adapter Ø10 - 12 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 19 - 26 - 27 - 30mm
1 x item for Pilot extension 26mm


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