Combined with SPECTRUMpro and in particular with its dedicated functions and strategies, it makes diagnostics, cleaning and flow control of fuel injectors easy, fast and above all within everyone's reach, often the cause of malfunctions and directly attributable to increased emissions pollutants.

The small size allows the injector test bench to be positioned on a shelf but without taking up too much space, and also makes it transportable despite its structural sturdiness.

Safe both for the environment and for the operator himself, as the use of electricity is not directly required.


Possibility to est up to 4 injectors simultaneously

Suitable for any petrol injector 

Compressed air supply with adjustable pressure from 0 to 5 bar (72.5PSI-500 Kpa) 0 a 5 bar

Sliding injector holder rail with quick coupling adjustable in height with taps to be able to open or close the passage of the liquid for each injector

Graduated burettes for immediate reading of the injectors flow rate

Quick connection burettes

Integrated flushing liquid tank with filler cap with maximum capacity of 2000 c.c. (2 liters)

Quick release air hose

Test bench dimensions L=max454 x H=685 x D=300mm

GOVONI completes the range of accessories with other tools useful for using SPECTRUMpro.

The test bench can in fact be integrated with a docking station and cover for the device, so that the workstation is complete and 100% performing!

The configuration consists of:

  • test bench
  • docking station
  • cover