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- Kit useful for assembling, disassembling, cleaning and restoring the thread of the NOx sensor/ lambda sensor seat.

- For particularly tighten sensors, this solution is optimal for restoring damaged threads when replacing the NOx sensor, in the exhaust system in which it was installed.

- In most cases it avoids replacing the catalyst of the exhaust system.

- It thus guarantees excellent and cheap repair costs.


1 X milling tool Ø ext. 25mm – Ø int 17 mm;
1 X Milling tool Ø ext.23mm Ø int.15,6 mm;
1 X ring nut introducer M22x1,5;
1 X ring nut introducer M20x1,5;
1 X socket CH.32;
1 X hexagonal insert 24 mm;
1 X hexagonal insert 22 mm;
1 X pliers M22x1,5;
1 X pliers M20x1,5;
1 X extension for milling tool Ø25;
1 X extension shaft M8 - Ø10;
1 X extension shaft M8 - Ø11;
1 X extension L=74 mm CH ¼;
1 X male M24x1;
1 X male M26x1;
1 X male M22x1,5;
1 X male M20x1,5;
3 X ring nut M24x1-M22x1,5;
3 X ring nut M26x1-M22x1,5;